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The Jobber's Rest - Upminster

It's funny how some pubs become synonymous with your youth but a lot do. And if I were to regale with stories of yore, about the time I danced on the tables at The Bridge House, about the time I got thrown out of The Golden Lion and about the time I wept dutifully in the porch of The White Hart after getting dumped - you would probably say 'Mate, this sounds awfully like The World's End and that was all very self-indulgent and boring. Seriously, it really was a crap finale to the Cornetto Trilogy, so please do shut up.'
And you'd be right to say so
But some pubs do make you go misty eyed at the mere mention of them. The Jobber's Rest in Upminster is one such place. Memories of revelry always seem to surface when I approach the door. 
Of rowdy times, a booze fuelled occasion and a close encounter with the law.
However, I am all grown up now and so has 'The Jobbers' - as you'd simply call it around here.
Now under the umbrella of The White Brasserie …

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