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Lamb Steak with Wild Garlic, Kale and Butter Beans

The wild garlic is back once again, folks. And once again, off I spin into ever more devious ways as to how I can make some money out of this freely foraged plant. Initially, I did ponder upon building up some loose ponzi/pyramid scheme, where I could contact people to become distribution partners in various parts of the UK and grant them a licence to pick the free wild garlic, to sell on in their specific area. All in exchange for a commission on weight sold - plus all of my administration costs and fees for marketing materials and concepts (cash only). It was also brought to my attention that whilst wild garlic is commonly used as a seasonal garnish for your main meal, it is very rarely used at breakfast time. Which led me to research the possibilities of collecting it, gratis, and then turning it into a cereal for children, nuns and vegans. Initial development has focused around desiccation and weaving to create a 'shredded wheat-like' block. But it needs tweaking. Primarily

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