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For Dad...

This is the tribute I read out for my Dad, at his funeral, on December 18th 2018. Thought I would share it today.

I thought a good starting point for a tribute to Dad, would be to talk about the times I got into trouble with him.

Don’t panic. I didn’t get into trouble with Dad that often. Don’t worry, this won’t be long.
Besides, Tori got into more trouble than I ever did. Although that was always with Mum.

I don’t think that she ever really got in trouble with Dad.

Not really.

So, coming back to these episodes, well, the first memory of it happening, occurred when I was about 3 or 4. It was at a party at Nigel Road in Forest Gate, probably around Christmas time. I may have been young but as I wandered around, I soon realised that I had a certain power over the people that were towering above me. Especially the menfolk.

All it took was a swift punch to the knackers.

I think I notched up maybe 4 or 5 strikes before Dad whisked me up into the air, kicking and screaming out the room, and…

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