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Walnut and Wild Garlic Pearl Barley Risotto

This isn't right. This is the first post on here in ages. It features some novel approaches to using up ingredients, it presents some unique flavour combinations that some people may not have considered before and it also contains a healthy dose of vibrant, nutritious and ever so tasty wild garlic* And it is not my bloody recipe. No, this is my wife's work and something is seriously wrong here and it needs investigating. However, I am not one to let pride get in the way of a good thing and to be fair, this really did taste flippin' delicious when Mrs FU made it the other day. Walnut can be overwhelming sometimes but stirred into the pearl barley and accentuating all that inherent 'nuttiness' in this wholesome grain was an excellent move. I'd even say that it could be served as a stand alone but if you do have some salmon lurking around, that wouldn't be a bad accompaniment either. As also considered by Mrs FU and it's got me thinking. Perhap

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