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Vegetable Dumplings with Tracklements Roasted Garlic and Salami Jam

I am furious.

It's the start of the summer holidays. I have just got home. And everyone has buggered off to Lakeside. To get their ears pierced, to ransack H&M and Primark, and then have a jolly good old time up in the food court, on floor three.

Even as I type this, they are probably laughing, whilst chowing down on some Katsu curry flavoured California Rolls from Wasabi. Or a Bacon Cheeseburger from Five Guys, with all the friggin' free toppings - which should bloody well be free tbh.

Or (heaven forbid) a 7 layer burrito from Taco Bell - featuring 7 layers of hell.

And they are laughing because for my dinner tonight, they have a left a singular packet of sauerkraut and mushroom dumplings from a well-known German supermarket (called Lidl) in the fridge. No doubt in a bid to force me to participate in #meatfreemondays for my dinner tonight.


I say that exclusively because written instructions left on the side simply said:

'You can boil or fry the dumplings that a…

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