Feed Me Seymour

I am so glad that I kept the faith Mr and Mrs Sam Clark. In your hands I do trust and never again will I waver or doubt the words of wisdom that you give. By holding fast and staying true, I believe that I have become a stronger man, a better man. You have shown me the light and emboldened in me a sense that life, in all it's form is precious, unique, beautiful and fizzy on the tongue. Without your guidance, I would have strayed, I would be on the wrong path, I would be lost. And I would have flushed my sourdough starter down the loo.

So the good news is that it seems to have worked, after a long process of feeding and nurturing, the starter is alive and well and ready to use for baking bread. The good indication being that the smell has gone (thank god) and that it's tastes slightly tangy so I'm feeling quite confident, although according to the recipe I do need to keep going for a couple more days. Like a pet I feed it first thing in the morning and last thing at night. This basically means pouring away 200ml of the mix and then adding 100gms of strong white flour and 150mls of water, quite wasteful really but I'm not going in for industrial quantities of of bread. If all goes well, Friday will become "Baking Day" in our house and no longer will we be traipsing to the shop for overpriced loaves filled with additives. Happy days.

The "Monster In The Cupboard" as it affectionately has become known.


kerstin said…
did this a couple of times....the first time it didn't work. The second time I kept it going for 3 weeks. The bowl practically walked out of the kitchen by itself.
Tasted great.
Must have another practice.

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