There May Be Trouble Ahead

I thought it was about time that I gave an update as to how the allotment is getting on and I'm pleased to say that everything is looking just rosy. Seriously, this is the best we have ever had it looking, the little and often approach seems to be working and as a result all the crops that we have planted are looking great, with hardly any weeds in sight (well hardly). In a couple of weeks or so, we should be able to pick the first lot of salad potatoes, the courgettes will be well under way and plus all the varieties of beans that we have got going. Very shortly the gooseberries will be ready for jam and I have in mind this year to also use them as an accompanying sauce to mackerel as I've read that they go really well together. I think I may have to invest in an ice-cream maker for all the raspberries, redcurrants and whitecurrants for sorbets, not the fancy expensive ones though, you know that type where you have to freeze the bowl overnight. We've decided to keep the salad stuff at home this year to keep an eye on things especially the tomatoes as last year weren't so good, lets hope that we get the glorious summer as promised. So it's so far so good.

There are other developments at the allotment that suggests things aren't so rosy though as I saw Alan, one of the wardens last Sunday and asked when the annual open day was going to be where we get to compete for the very prestigious local council's Best Allotment of The Year Award. Well it seems this year there isn't going to be one as Alan has had a bit of a falling out with the other warden, Dave. When I asked as to why, Alan said that he didn't want to go into it but it was all about money and he's fed up with people constantly moaning about things not getting done and he's sure that Dave has been fiddling with the kitty and now he thinks that Dave is dumping rubbish on his allotment because they've fallen out over suggestions that he's been fiddling with the kitty but if he catches him he will smack the old bastard on the nose because no gets away with that, especially Dave. But like I said, Alan didn't want to get into it.

I can only hope that the old fellas resolve their dispute and kiss and make up as this kind of immature squabbling can only come to a sore end and is really not in the best interests for the allotment as a whole.

Let 'im 'ave it Alan!

However, if I was to be honest, if Alan were to smack Dave on the nose, then I'd be right behind him, I mean I don't want to get into this but ever since I've had my plot, all I've ever had is sarcastic comments, like that time the old bas... . . . . . .

I know, let's have some pretty pictures!

The wheelbarrows of Norfolk Road




Curly Kale


Pretty flower

More pretty flowers




Valley of The Potatoes


Kavey said…
Crikey, sounds like "allotment politics" are even worse than office politics!
Anonymous said…
Your allotment looks fantastic! Holding thumbs for a good summer :)
Helen said…
Your post actualyl made me laugh out loud twice so thanks for that. Sorry to hear about your allotment troubles. Its' always the same with any small community isn't it? The petty squabbles I mean. Just look at my experience on the East Dulwich forum! If you have no idea what I'm talking about I'll tell you next time I see you...Anyway, poor Alan sound slike he needs to take a chill pill. Can you grow them on the allotment? It looks amazing by the way - everything is so big! Not like my measly balcony plants!
Dan said…
Looking at your pics, I'm starting to wish I owned an allotment as well. All that fantastic grub, really impressed.

As for Allotment politics - hilarious. It's obvious to me that you need to pick and choose your allotment allies carefully - who's 'plotting' (ahem) against you? who looks like they can handle themselves in a fight?, who could wield a 6 foot bamboo cane in a vicious manner?

There's much more to it than growing some veg.
celiabb said…
Your immaculate plot puts mine to shame. Keep up the good work! And don't let the bastards get you down...
Anonymous said…
I wish I too had an allotment with strawberry plants with perfect little dewdrops on them. How very gorgeous! The problem is I'm the total opposite of green-fingered - I even kill cacti. The allotment-off sounds most exciting!! I do love an angry typed up note. Will it be secateurs at dawn?!
Shaheen said…
Your photographs are amazing, those redcurrants, look so damn good!

In Scotland, we always seem to be a month behind fellow growers in the South.

In relation to 'allotment politics' - I feel so much better, I thought I was stuck on one of the UKs problem allotment sites, where something 'interesting' is always happening, apart from growing that is!
kerstin said…
Everyone I know has terrible battles on their allotments. My friend Bethea is actually giving hers up because her next door neighbour has put wire fencing, riot police style, all around their plot. She feels like she is in Colditz.
And the Guardian plot on Hampstead, the politics around that are terrible...
Do check out my friend Scarlett's blog
Naomi Knill said…
Eeeek. I've never had an allotment and really never thought that there could be 'allotment politics' like this!

Your photos are fab.

I had a strawberry on my plants and a courgette (albeit only about an inch long) but the slugs got there first. I did the vaseline, coffee, egg shells, the works. These are determined little swines!

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