Food Urchin Supper Club Menu - 24th June 2011

Garlic grown by my own fair hand

When it comes to running a supper club, the one thing I've been looking forward to is being able to utilise the garden and the allotment. And now that the growing season is fully underway, I am happy as Larry to say that the fruits of our labour are starting er, well fruit and I can now start to incorporate home grown produce into our menus.

"Aha!" I hear you say. "That's because you're going to improve your profit margin eh? Using all this stuff you've grown for free"

Well no because of course home grown produce doesn't come for free. If we forget the actual cost of seeds for a second and actually factor in the man-hours and physical work, the digging, the muck spreading, the sweat, the watering, the toil and the profanity (oh my god the profanity). No growing your own fruit and vegetables comes at a high price indeed. But when you prepare and transfer this food to the plate and take it to the table, you are offering something else over shop bought ingredients. And that is love, care and devotion*. And just a little bit of pride. For the Food Urchin, this is a rather sentimental statement to make but if you like the look of the menu and fancy coming along to FU Mansions in Hornchurch next Friday night, don't be surprised if I plonk your plate down and tearfully wail "I bloody grew those potatoes I did" before shuffling back into the kitchen an emotional mess.

Here is the menu.

Broad Beans and Black Pudding with Mint and Fennel on Sourdough Toast (see here for recipe)

Lamb Shoulder Braised in White Wine and Garlic with Roast New Potatoes and Sautéed Swiss Chard.

Summer Pudding with Elderflower Cream.

Plus homemade bread and palate cleanser. Vegetarian options and iced tap water available on request. BYO booze. All for suggested donation of £20.00.

There are are currently 12 spaces left.

Please contact me at for reservations.

Cherries to be (controversially) included in the Summer Pudding


Sounds fantastic as usual, Dan - good luck with it all :)
gastrogeek said…
what an absolute BARGAIN. All sounds mouthwatering too. We can't wait to make it to one of these!
TheGlutton said…
Menu sounds amazing. And yes growing your own takes a huge amount of time and effort and definitely isn't cheap by any means but oh so worth it. Best of luck!
Love the sound of the menu. I promise we will get to you sometime but the 24th we're making sausages with a private group!! My goosegogs all got eaten a nanosecond before we were going to harvest them *gnashes teeth. Been a crap year for us so far in terms of losses. Sounds like you've fared better! K x
BeccaRothwell said…
Seriously, if you weren't out in sodding Essex I'd come again. I'm tempted to anyway, the last one was so good! And that menu sounds even better...

Ack, but alas it's a friend's birthday so I can't. Damn and blast. Damn. And. Blast.
Nick Baines said…
looks amazing mate. I read a bit wrong and thought it said "Vegetarian option - tap water" I think it should haha. Looks lovely mate
aoife@myhome said…
Your menu sounds lovely. Can't wait to read all about the night.
PDH said…
I cannot make this one when is the next? That menu sounds pretty cool to me :^)
Food Urchin said…
aforkfulofspaghetti - Thanks me dear but luck? What does luck have to do with it? (er a lot actually)

gastrogeek - I am waiting too, with my mighty sword (for er that duel with your hubby I mean, I wasn't being rude or anything)

The Glutton - thanks and yes it does take a lot of time and effort, you should see the callus on my hands

Mustardseedcook - making sausages instead of coming to see me!!! WHAT? Ok I forgive you, hope to see you at one soon

Becca - you loves coming to Essex, go on admit it

Nick - ha! Yes what a great idea (er no I don't really mean that, all veggies very welcome)

aoife - thank you, have been sitting on the menu for a while

Pavel - possibly 15th/16th of July and then two pit barbecue evenings in August, watch this space....
what a feast! Shame I am on call but will try to make it for the next. Great news that you have joined the league of supper clubbers, I wish you all the best for this.
PDH said…
Put me down for the BAR BE Q! I will be there :^D
Dan said…
Lovely menu mate. I'd love to come along to one of your suppers next time I'm back in the homeland.

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