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OK. So really I should have written up a whole load of stuff by now. Stuff to do with bees, whisky, food crawls, beer crawls, crawling in general, a random chicken recipe, an argument in a certain wine bar in Borough Market that I swear was not my fault and a misadventure at Tas involving a face first dive straight into a bowl of taramasalata (the last two are linked). But I haven't. Not yet anyway. I have been very busy you see. Busy digging holes generally. Burning things. And putting stuff in the ground to cook. All in the name of supper clubbing. Plus Dickie the diabetic cat has killed my laptop by vomiting on it, therefore halting any progress on FU at home. Although that doesn't really matter because my blogging mojo seems to have disappeared altogether. I suspect that it's hiding down the back of the cooker somewhere, perhaps next to a mouldy carrot. So these are my excuses and they are pretty poor ones at that but luckily I have been nominated to take part in an intriguing little project called 'My 7 Links'. Like all good ideas, My 7 Links is a simple one which strives 'to unite bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint endeavor to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again'. Any excuse to regurgitate posts from the past sounds great to me and I may carry on in this vein for the next few weeks until I run out of material. That won't take long so I better come up with something new.

But anyway, on with the project! Here are My 7 Links to stuff wot I wrote in the past and the categories are:

Your most
beautiful post - er this one was the hardest to chose because I don't really consider my posts or photography to be heartwarming or aesthetically pleasing to the eye but am I fond of the colour green so it will have to be Wild Garlic Pesto, Soup, Bread, etc, etc, etc

Your most
popular post - As a youth I used to weep in butcher's shops.... - Going by comments for this one, I think I tapped into the inherent catagelophobia you sometimes endure when walking into your local butchers.

Your most
controversial post - Ten Hour Roast Lamb - Sponsored by Armitage Shanks - Some people were rather put off by my admission that I read cookbooks whilst on the throne. I don't know why.

Your most
helpful post - In Search of OOMMAAAAMMMEEE Part 1 - For showing to the world that umami is a crock of sh......ugar. I did mean to do some more videos but dropped the ball on this one (story of my life).

A post whose success surprised you - Bag of Meat - This recent post surprised me because it got tons and tons of hits. But then again it did feature a bag of meat, so maybe I shouldn't have been surprised at all really.

A post you feel didn’t get the attention it deserved - Meat is Murder - a rare restaurant review on FU and one of my first and no-one read it. No-one. Who cares if it didn't have photos of the food. Or if it prattled on about Bobby Gillespie. Or.........oh I don't know.

The post that you are most
proud of - A Night In The Life Of The Food Urchin - because it was silly and great fun to write (and a brilliant night out).

Now all that remains for me is to pass the baton on to these rather fabulous bloggers of which there should be 5 (according to the rules):

Essex Eating
Gin and Grumpets
Roast Chicken and Red Wine
Lost In The Larder
Kavey Eats

And thanks to the BFB for the kick up the backside, sorry nomination.


Kavey said…
Hey Gorgeous, I've already been nominated by the lovely Nordic Nibbler and I've even written my post already, it's in the queueueueue to go up this Friday! x
tori said…
I'm loving these posts- such a great way to find some gems in people's archives (and a great excuse to go back and read everything from the very start).

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