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For the last month or so I have been sporting some fantastically curious facial topiary on my boat race. Namely a 'handlebar' moustache. Ginger, wiry and oh so funky. Why? Well I recently got involved with a little project with the guys at Movember, purveyors of the 'Mo' and fundraisers extraordinaire, more of which I hope to divulge at a later date but naturally, any association with this charity requires a submission of the razor blade and a commitment to grow to a hairy caterpillar under your nose. So I went for it with great aplomb. I have to say though that opinion on the Mo has been divided, with some detractors commenting that I resemble a German porn star, a member of some cult or worse still, a Victorian paedophile. But other folk have been quite kind. Sophisticated, suave and sexy are just some of the adjectives that have swung my way, the latter coming from my good wife so I've persevered and I have to say, I reckon a lot of people are starting to look at me in a different light. Just the other day for instance, a gentleman in the public lavatory at Upminster station whispered across the urinals at me and asked if I was a friend of Dorothy. "I might be", I replied back, smiling conspiratorially before continuing with "didn't she used to serve behind the bar at The Golden Lion in Romford?" It turned out I that got the wrong Dorothy but still, he was a lovely guy to talk to. I've got his number at home, somewhere.

Accidental cottaging episodes aside, the really great thing about wearing a moustache becomes apparent at feeding time and let me just say, it really does make a difference to the whole process. Because to take a bite of cake, a slurp of soup, a nibble of cheese or a chomp of banana and to flick your tongue up and across, well it's blissful. And that's because (whisper it) with each mouthful, morsels and remnants of each bite often become trapped. Trapped by this unique, beautiful, baleen filter-feed type system. It's brilliant! It's like getting seconds before the seconds come out. Of course, I have been trying to spread the word, encouraging everyone I know to grow one, including my children and I've even boasting on Twitter about this new found application for a Mo, stating that the great thing about having a moustache is that you can store crumbs to snack on at a later date. Unfortunately the response so far has been fairly muted, apart from the faint sound of an electronic 'boak' across the ether of the Internet but then Eat Natural, the muesli bar people dropped me a line and asked would I like to try out their range of bars on my 'tache. I kid you not! They sent me loads. Thus began a bonkers experiment to test the viscosity, flavour and sticky attributes of Eat Natural bars, the hypothesis being - which of these breakfast bars, with the help of my beloved moustache, would help see me through a working day?

These are the results.

Toasted muesli bar with orange marmalade - A disappointing start as the muesli flake to moustache yield was quite low with only a solitary puffed speck of rice attaching after first bite. But still, the tangy aftertaste of the marmalade was quite pleasant.

Cranberries, macadamias and dark chocolate - After making a first crunch down upon this bar, I was quite pleased that a singular cranberry and piece of macadamia flew off and attached themselves in uniformity under each nostril. Fashionable but still not making the grade for sustainability.

Almonds, apricot and yoghurt coating - Now we're talking. One bite and this bar exploded and peppered my Mo with a luxurious even crispy, fruity base, ready to be picked off at intervals throughout the day. I would like to work on reserving yoghurt deposits in the corner of mouth with this one.

Dark 70% chocolate, brazils and apricots - Highly decadent with the chocolate making a heavy, deep penetration of the Mo, excellent storage for frequent licks, especially for that coffee break at 11AM. Scores bonus points with the wife as passionate kiss at the end of the day ensures a cocoa hit too.

Brazils, sultanas, almonds, peanuts and hazelnuts - The best of the bunch by far. Dense, squidgy and packed with nuts. A total meal in a bar and could feed the rest of the office at a push . I just wish my tongue could reach the tip of my nose.

This was as far as I got with this experiment. I should have tested eight in total but after the fifth bar I felt slightly queasy and as we all know, well those who have ever grown one that is, the last thing you want to find in your moustache is a half digested carrot.

But thank you Eat Natural for sending the bars my way.


Kavey said…
Ha, I said it resembled a Movember 'tache but at the wrong time of year!!!

The food pics are gross, had to scroll past those.
Lisa Cookwitch said…
Good lord. I mean...the sacrifices you make. You've shaved it off now though, haven't you?
The Grubworm said…
Oh man, that's - like - the full Metallica Mo. BUT RED. I doff my cap in your general direction (but won't get any closer till you remove those crumbs...). The pictures themselves were, ah, well, disturbing in a way i couldn't quite put my finger on *takes another bite of museli*
Dan said…
Awesome bandit style 'Mo' there mate. Crumbs in your tache? your blog is at the absolute cutting edge of food exploration. Sir, I salute you.
Feeling a bit unwell but, that aside funniest blog post I've read in ages!
Food Urchin said…
Kavey - What do you mean the food pics are gross??

Lisa - Yes, the mo' is gone, for now....

The Grubworm - Come on, you loved the photos didn't you, not disturbing at all, sad but true

Dan - At last, some positive feedback and yes I do believe I am at the cutting edge, next up, breakfast cereals..

Katy - Oh dear, well I hope those tummy rumbles are of the chortling kind ; )
Kiera said…
I feel quite ill. And a bit woozy with a huge flashback to The Twits by Roald Dahl. Glad it's all over now. K
I once had a brazilian by mistake. An overenthusiastic waxer.
I discovered that pubic hair also has a use. It directs the wee downwards.
Until it grew again I kept weeing on my knickers as the pee went forwards rather than down.
Just thought I'd contribute my hairy story.
Food Urchin said…
Keira - a flashback to The Twits eh? I feel honoured!

MML - THAT is a brilliant confessional :D

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