Unaccustomed As I Am

This is just a quick one really.

Now you may or may not know it but this week is (or rather has been) Social Media Week. Where multitudes of people across the globe have been talking, conversing, chatting, extrapolating and waffling, online and off, about all things to do with social media. Which is what you might expect from such an event I suppose. But there is no doubt that social media is making a massive impact on our lives so why not have a week dedicated to it? Like it or not, we are slowly and surely becoming integrated, absorbed and saturated by the medium and it is undeniable that social media has now become a catalyst for "driving cultural, economic, political and social change."* Therefore, it is a very important thing indeed.

And within that tenuous grasp of proceedings lies the reason as to why I have agreed to talk at an event for Great British Chefs. It's a big thing this social media stuff, it's something I should get involved with and it is something, incidentally, that is on tonight - gulp.

Running under the title and themes of 'How Social Media & Collaboration Change the Way We Eat', I shall be joining several other speakers to show how these "collaborative changes are leading to greater enjoyment of food and wine." My topic in particular will focus on my supper club, the business models I use and the various online marketing methods I employ which sounds all very grown up and astute. Really and truthfully, what I've got in mind is a 'show and tell' session based upon the vagaries of "this is 'ow I've dun it." But never one to shy away from a challenge, I hope to make it at least vaguely amusing and informative.

Apparently, extra tickets have now become available so if you fancy popping along to lend an ear and moral support then please do so. There is a glass of wine from Naked Wines in it if you do.

The event will be held at TechHub, near Old Street and starts at 6:30PM. For more details and tickets please go here.

* quote taken from the Social Media Week website


Kavey said…
You not mentioning WMPC? That's a social media collaborative eating project, if ever I saw one!
Lisa Cookwitch said…
See you there Mr Urchin!

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