Stir Wars - The Photos

I was supposed to be publishing a witty little post about a lovely lunch I had with my good wife at Pizarro on Food Urchin today. But due to unforeseen circumstances and possible human error, the farking piece which I spent lots of time farking writing, wrangling and rambling over seems to have farking deleted itself causing much untold grief and farking apoplexy. FOR FARKING FARKS SAKE!

Thank God there were no cats around to kick when that happened this morning.*

So by way of composing the blogging equivalent of a test card (please do not adjust your sets) I have decided to put up some lovely photos from the charity Stir Wars event wot I was involved with at the start of the month and to give some long overdue thanks to our sponsors.

The night, though stressful in parts, was a roaring success. Well everyone who came to dine, dress up and exercise their grey matter over a very tough Star Wars quiz (courtesy of Big Spud) seemed to have a good time. But then again, front of house Jedi Masters, Osh and Phil from The Ship did keep everyone well plied with booze. All in all we managed to raise £1600 for Make A Wish Foundation which is an excellent achievement and may well prompt the Stir Wars crew to do another night in the not so distance future. Although next time it might come in the form of Indiana Jones tribute. Monkeys brains anyone?

For the record, my most memorable and personal moment of the evening came when a real life and slightly rotund Darth Vader came striding into Tsuru with a bevvy of Stormtroopers. At that precise moment, the little boy inside, the one who cherished his VHS copies of the original trilogy, all taped at Christmas, who used to spend hours in the garden re-enacting the final Ewok assault on Endor and who used to jump about the sofas in the living room with a home-made, cardboard and ultimately flimsy light saber, well, he did a little wee of excitement in his y-fronts.

As for when the deep fat fryer which died on him during service, well he shit his pants when that happened.

Big thanks go to all these sponsors and donors, without their help, we could not have made the night happen.

And an extra big thanks to the official Stir Wars photographer, Ozzy............I have forgotten your surname........for taking some most excellent pictures of the evening and for letting me replicate them here.

(There are more here btw.)

* I have not and never would, ever kick a cat in anger or frustration. Maybe a chinchila but never a cat.


Kavey said…
Cool. Twas a good night.
Whachya do with my super quiz entry? Should have got a prize, I tells ya! ;-P
Anonymous said…
Congrats all!
William Leigh said…
Love the outfit of the guy with the glasses - Darth Vader when he takes his helmet off. Epic real.

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