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It has been very quiet on the Food Urchin Supper Club front lately. Mostly because I have been a busy man. A very, very busy man. I have been keeping this under my hat but well, you see, one of my many, many part-time jobs involves shaving legs and most recently I was the leg barber for various members of Team GB's cycling team. Yes, I was the person chiefly responsible for keeping thighs and calves silky smooth, in order to gain those extra, vital seconds. And if it wasn't for my efforts, the likes of Wiggo and Hoy would never have got those gold medals. It was a dirty job* but someone had to do it and now that the games are over, I have more time on my hands to concentrate on cooking, feeding and other epicurean adventures.

So, after some consideration and some consultation with Catalan Cooking supremo, Rachel McCormack, I have decided to press ahead with a Spanish themed wheel barrow bbq supper club which will be called "The Spanish Themed Wheel Barrow BBQ Supper Club."

Yes, essentially cooking food on a wheel barrow.

And why not.

It will be held at FU Towers in Hornchurch** on Sunday 16th September, a bit of a depart from the usual Saturdays with an earlier start of 1:30PM and the four course menu is as follows:

Flame grilled leeks*** and Romesco sauce

Monkfish Paella with Saffron

Grilled Meats with Aioli and Roasted Peppers and Aubergines

Chocolate and Apricot Tart

All for the handsome price of £25 per head, including free tap water and home baked bread.

If this has got your taste buds tingling and the ol’ mouth watering, then please contact me at to book a place.

Grassy Arse.

The Furch (as those flying, cycling boys used to call me)

 Grilled Leeks with Romesco Sauce (which should be slightly blacker according to Rachel)

Just look at those legs, that's my handy work that is

*I wouldn't mind, I only went in for the job to get the chance of shaving Victoria Pendleton's legs but she wouldn't let me anywhere near her, nor would any of the other girls.

** Just a stone's throw from central London (well 30 mins on the c2c)

*** The leeks are a substitute for cal├žots, which, as you may or may not know, is an allium or onion-like vegetable popular in Spain and traditionally eaten in Spring. Very delicious and very messy after dipping in the romesco sauce, we'll supply bibs and paper towels.


meemalee said…
You're so odd you could well be telling the truth.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like your menu is Catalan instead of Spanish themed. :)
Miss Whiplash said…
I also have BBQed on a wheelbarrow in the past. Glad it's not just me...
Sam Apex said…
If its good enough for an olympic champion, its good enough for me and my supper club ;)

Sam Apex

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