Snow Larks and Sunday Supper Clubs

Hello everybody, are you enjoying the snow? I know I am and who wouldn't, you miserable gits!

Seriously, in my opinion, if you look out the window in the morning and spy a landscape transformed and don't ever get a buzz, a kick or feel your stomach turn over in excitement, then I believe a small part of your soul from childhood has died. 

No, nothing beats the sound of that fresh crunch underfoot, that fluttering soft flake alighting upon tongue, the thrill of plummeting downhill at 40 miles per hour on a tea tray, the whizzing of snowball past ear, the rosy cheeks, the laughter, the cheers, the carrots, Dad's old scarf and hat, hot chocolate, biscuits! Lots and lots of biscuits! Oh the gaiety that a winter wonderland brings.

And what japes you can have. Just yesterday, I played a trick on the twins when we were in the garden, building a snowman. Unbeknownst to them, I had secreted a small pot of lemon sorbet in the grass, with the lid off so that the yellow stood out amongst the blanket of white and beckoned them over.

"Hey guys, looks like the foxes have been busy doing their business in the snow, tsk."

And judging by the wrinkled noses, there were not impressed. They may only be four and three quarters but they know about the dangers of yellow snow.

Still, their reaction was far more severe when I whipped a glove off, stooped down and scooped a couple of fingers worth up into my mouth, uttering the words "Hmm yummy!" after doing so. In fact, they started screaming and...........

OK OK OK, I am making this all up but ever since the white stuff arrived, this devilish plan has been going over and over and over in my head. So I thought I should take the opportunity, whilst marketing my supper club in typical off-tangent fashion, to ask, do you reckon I should do it? 

Or do I risk destroying a small part of their souls?

*tumble weed*


Speaking of gaiety and fun and larks, the menu for the latest FU supper club which is on February 10th and has been up for a while now. 8 spaces have gone and 6 spaces are left, here is the menu:

Cream of Jerusalem Artichoke Soup with Chestnut and Parsley Pesto

Mackerel on Toast with Salted Cucumber and Horseradish

Slow cooked Belly of Pork with Cider and Fennel, Mash and Sprout Tops

Gingerbread and Pear Upside Down Pudding

This is all for 20 squids, including home made bread, palate cleanser and free, yes, free tap water.

If you like the sound of it, then please do drop me a line to confirm your place (and I might just make lemon sorbet for the palate cleanser).

I thank you

Furch x
Snow and innocence


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