Dads Wot Cook

When nipping down to the newsagent or supermarket today, you may well spot a shiny new March edition of Delicious magazine nestling on the shelf, next to Garden and Homes and just underneath Kerrang! Do not pass it by. Instead, why not take a moment to have a peruse and have a flick through, as there is some really interesting stuff in there. All about food and stuff. You might even decide to buy a copy (and you should). You might decide to buy several copies in fact; to give your neighbour a copy, to post some to friends and relatives and to hand out in the playground to all the yummy mummies. You might even want to frame certain pages inside and hang them on the wall.

I know I am going to. Because I am featured in this month's edition under the pun-tastic header of 'Meet the men who bring home the bacon to fry it' alongside two other fine work-at-home Dads, who cook for their kids.

"I didn't know you worked from home?" I hear you say. Well, I do work from home for 2 and half days in the week, not including weekends, so I sort of qualify. And people I work with would probably suggest that I don't do much in the office anyway.

I suppose the real cause for trumpeting, is that appearing in print is always quite nice. Despite this age of the 'internets' in which we live, seeing a few of your own words on paper and a simple recipe you conjured up for the kids is quite a thrill really.

It's just a shame that my daughter wasn't so impressed. She wanted to know why her Daddy wasn't in My Little Pony magazine instead.

 Photos by Meemalee, who subscribes to Delicious and received her copy a few days ago, the lucky thing.


Alicia Foodycat said…
Why aren't you in My Little Pony? Seems like a reasonable question.
Terry Eaton said…
Tell her you used My Lidl Pony?
Well done Dan!
Tara Cardwell said…
Nice one! Shall pick up a copy forthwith!
Kavey said…
It does. I totally think you need to get yourself featured in My Little Pony Mag! In the meantime, jolly congratulations...
Food Urchin said…
Foodycat - I am working on it

Terry - Cheers mate and Lidl do sell pony don't they? In their burgers I mean.

Craftilicious - Don't forget to frame it!

Kavey - I said, I am working on it!!
May said…
Fame! At last. Well done.

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