Wild Garlic Treasure Hunt Postponed

As a famous Scotlandish poet once said "The best laid schemes o' mice an' men. Gang aft a-gley" and unfortunately my idea to distribute wild garlic across London today, like some pungent Pied Piper, has hit the skids. The reason being is that my daughter has been, and still is, rather unwell with a 'splodgy' tummy. Her words, not mine. No doubt this is all down to a rather nasty bug that has been doing the rounds at school; a place which not only serves to educate but also deigns to distribute germs and viruses without prejudice or inequity. Playgrounds aren't just playgrounds, they are cesspits of shared snot and microbes and plague. So I have to keep a watchful eye on her at home today.

However, not wanting to let go of a good thing, I am postponing the #wildgarlictreasurehunt with a view to galivanting around town this Bank Holiday Monday instead, as it was always our plan to take the twins around to see the sights for the day. Of course, we are subject to the whims of bacteria but if we get the green light then we shall definitely be taking some wild garlic with us. 

And if you were interested in this little project, this might even work out better because hey, you won't be at work that day. You might also get to meet the celebrated and mischievious FU twins! 
Although you might want to keep a safe distance as well.

So look for more information on Twitter on Monday.


Foodie Quine said…
I'm going on a wild garlic treasure hunt on Monday too - up in Aberdeenshire

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