The Food Lovers Bucket List from Kenwood

Making lists of things to do before you die is perhaps a morbid and overly consuming activity but it is something us humans beans do and it is something that we do well. Our life on this lonely planet is a short one and therefore it's no wonder that many people strive to cram everything in. To seek the thrills and spills and experience all that life has to offer. Some do better than others, furiously so. Yet some are merely happy to paddle, drifting along with the ebb and flow. But I would say that everyone, or at least those who are lucky enough to have lived a long and healthy life, come towards the end, will have some sort of niggling doubt going on in the back of their heads. Why didn't I get around to doing that? Bugger............

My own personal terror is that on my deathbed, with all my dearly beloved standing around, weeping gently, with Celine Dion playing in the background, is that suddenly I might spring up and grab the nearest one. I can actually envision my scrawny, liver-spotted hands clutching at my son's collar and the confused look on his face as I lean in and whisper desperately into his ear before karking it, as they colloquially say. Unfortunately, my dear little boy with then be the focus of attention as the others look to him, asking what triumphant last words did I pass on. And Finlay will have to say, in totally bemused fashion:

"He said his only one regret was.... that he never ever ate a hotdog at a baseball game.......?"

And unless I get that sorted out soon, my legacy may well be spoiled for the rest of eternity.

Now, you might think that this is a rather odd (cod) philosophical start to proceedings. However when I tell you that bucket lists have been very much on my mind over the last few months, you might understand. For I was a contributor to the Food Lovers Bucket List by Kenwood which was released to much fanfare yesterday.

The challenge set by Kenwood, those purveyors of wedding present food processors that last for a lifetime, was to create a top 50 list of food inspired experiences we should try to tick off before we die. The panel consisted of a chef, a food writer, a restaurant critic, a baker and a cookery school owner. Oh and a blogger. It was all a bit like The Breakfast Club. And the job wasn't easy. For four hours we sat in a room and argued, dissected and analysed all kinds of ideas, passionately and ferociously. Thankfully things didn't descend into a full on bun fight, there was pretty much mutual agreement across the board. Although at one point I would have gladly shoved a croissant in William Sitwell's mouth just to keep him quiet for a minute or two (love you William!)

The main purpose of the list though was to try and achieve some balance throughout. To highlight simple yet enjoyable suggestions against the more grander possibilities. The bucket list is up for debate so do have a good look and get back to me if you feel that something is missing or is indeed amiss (and some people have already done that). 

Food is an emotive subject and I have to say, I did get some stick on Twitter yesterday for not fighting and promoting certain corners.

I am truly sorry for instance that I didn't fight hard enough for 'placing Hula Hoops on each finger and then eating one by one'. 

Because I agree. If you have never, ever done that, then you have never lived.

The Food Lovers Bucket List from Kenwood can be downloaded and scrutinised here


Unknown said…
I really loved the idea until I started to read the list... could it BE more white middle class? I think not... and as for number one, that excludes quite a few of us... oh well, I shall just get back into my hot air balloon...
Alicia Foodycat said…
Did someone give you a makeover and take all the black shit off your eyes?

I'm with Dom - loved the idea until I read the list. I've just discounted every one that depends on eating at a specific restaurant.
Food Urchin said…
BK - Well Dom, that's a fair point but of course lists like these are always going to come under fire in one way or another. I do think that some of the more basic ones are valid though, especially with regards to cooking.
Food Urchin said…
Foodycat - My masacara?? And also, there is a recommendation for the Company Shed there. I mean c'mon, everyone should try that place!
Kavey said…
Interesting idea but doesn't really work in reality... I've done about 70% of the list and the reason I've not done most of the rest is because it wouldn't make my bucket list in a million years.

Of course, the very idea that a panel could create a universal bucket list, or even one that would truthfully apply even to everyone on the panel itself, is, um, let's say optimistic.

Such lists are, by their very nature, incredibly personal, even if there are a few things those with shared interests might include.

BUT, it looked like a fun exercise to get involved in...

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