The Food Urchin Supper Club Returns

Just the other day, whilst I was sat in a jacuzzi and enjoying a Dirty Black Russian, someone asked me an intriguing question.

"Dan," he said. "Dan, whatever happened to that crazy and extremely popular supper club you used to run?"

The question caught me by surprise, I have to admit but after reflecting and pausing for a moment or two, this is what I had to say.

"Well Marcus," I said. "I've been out of the game for sometime now. It was my own decision by the way, this self imposed exile from supperclubbering. I just felt that I had.... lost my way. I needed some time out. But I have been busy, out there, out in the wilderness. Busy hunting, foraging, gathering and sleeping under stars. Busy working the land, sniffing the soil and going back to my roots. Busy tracking cloven hoof, rummaging through manure, focusing keen eye with bow and arrow. Busy stirring iron pots over log fires, crumbling ancient herbs and slurping from battered wooden spoons. I've been very, very busy. It has been a hobo-ish sort of existence but I am glad I took this sabbatical because I feel that I really have reconnected with food, with the seasons and with life all around. Now, having gone back to nature and with the knowledge I have accumulated, I am ready to face the world anew and afresh. I am ready to start cooking again."

Marcus stared back at me for a long, long time. A long, long, long, long time

And then he said "Dan, you don't arf talk a load of b*ll*cks."

Of course, he is right. Marcus is just a fictitious person. I don't even own a jacuzzi (although I am rather partial to a Dirty Black Russian). No, there isn't any other reason other than we've been busy doing all kinds of stuff. Some of the stuff I can't even seem to quantify or explain. Time seems to trickle through my fingers like golden syrup, poured from a can. I don't know where it goes. But we are back in business and we are trying to get the Food Urchin Supper Club back off the ground. Because quite simply, we do like doing them.

So here it is, the menu for the next FUSC which will be held on Sunday 29th of September at FU mansions in Hornchurch, Essex. Starting at 1:30PM.

Something to amuse your bouche

Roast tomato and pepper soup with chorizo and cobnuts.

Free range chicken, raised in Suffolk, braised in cider with herbs, root veg and ham hock.

Blackberry sorbet

Grandpa Beard's upside down pear and ginger cake with homemade vanilla ice cream.

Vegetarian mains option will be lemon, courgette and butternut squash lasagne and the soup to start will be sans chorizo.

Bread will come in the form of Veronica II sourdough and Somerset cider bread.

And as always, tap water will be free.

All for £25 a head. Bar-gin.

To reserve a space please email me at or leave a comment. So bring your friends, bring your family and most importantly, bring your wine (leave a little bit for us so that we may slurp on the dregs at the end).  

Grandpa Beard's upside down pear and ginger cake (it is verrrry niiiiice)


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