Open Food Surgery (Or Ask Dr FU)

I had a bit of a whinge on Twitter the other day, bemoaning the fact that I felt down in the doldrums about this little blog of mine. Now before you all pull out your smallest of violins, let me just say that this is not a new thing. I have had plenty of lulls and pauses in the past and I regularly spend days gormless at the laptop, staring at a blank Word document (Word? Shock! Horror!) whilst my writing mojo goes waltzing off on another sabbatical. It normally comes back bruised, penniless and reeking of alcohol with no idea where of it has been. Actually, I only just got the call this morning that I need to go and collect it from the local police station.

So I hope to climb back on the horse soon with lots of food related stories to share. Tales involving tons of Comté cheese, delicious and handsome offal pies and the woe of tearing a hamstring whilst out running in the woods, pretending to hunt badgers and weasels for a short film.

In the meantime, by way of a reboot or the kick starting of new project to get things moving again, I would like to introduce the Open Food Surgery, an idea that has been ruminating in the back of my mind for some time now. To explain simply, all I need from people are their most pressing questions about food or drink. The sort of things that puzzle and keep you awake at night.

For instance, what should you do with that smidgen of butter that is left over on the knife after spreading on toast? You know, that smidgen peppered with tiny black crumbs. (Stick it in your mouth when no-one is looking) Can you resurrect a Hungarian pork goulash after inadvertently sprinkling a tablespoon of cayenne pepper in the pot, when you should have used smoked paprika? (Yes, just about but your children will still cry after eating it) Or is it really worth trying to make marrow rum if you have a glut of marrows from down the allotment?

I answered that last question about six weeks ago and filmed it, which sort of inspired me get this new idea off the ground. And yes, all answers will relayed back on this blog via the magic of YouTube. As one eminent blogger has already said "Oh, are you showboating about the place on screen again" and there is an element of truth in that but I just want to give this project a go for a laugh really.

Of course the rest is down to you. I need the questions, however daft or obscure to get this off the ground.

So please, do fire away.


meemalee said…
How do you chop up a butternut squash without the FEAR that your blade will glance off and you will slice off your hand?
Julie said…
I think your idea is great and a source for inspiration! My question is, what is the best recipe that you have made with saffron? I have really only used it in a few recipes...
Thank you!
Kavey said…
Do you think food tastes different depending on your haircut? For example, if you're bald, short back and sides, hippy hippy curls, dreads?
kerstin said…
Is there a foodie dating site? I don't think I can go out with someone who is not obsessed with food but it's hard to meet a heterosexual man in the food industry.

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