Just popped out for some milk.....

I got a rather touching if somewhat anonymous email from someone this morning asking if I was OK and if indeed I were still alive, as I "hadn't done much in the way of silly buggery writing lately." Which I have to say, very nearly moved me to tears. The thought that someone should care so much as to what I put up on this blog is quite heartening and did much to restore my faith in humankind today. Alright, it might well have been my Mum. Although if she ever felt that I was in need of a gentle nudge, I don't think she would use the pseudonym 'sexybum'. Maybe it was my wife. Or maybe it was someone who liked the look of my kitchen in that ad. Which wasn't my kitchen by the way but I have had lots of emails from people asking about my fantastic kitchen from that ad. Oh well, it doesn't matter, as long as this person isn't stalking me then that's fine........hahahahahaha!


But yes, things have been quite barren on FU of late, purely because I've been busy doing lots of other stuff. Like watching MasterChef: The Professionals (for my sins) and writing up concise yet erudite reviews of the show. You can see read them on The Staff Canteen and also on Great British Chefs. I have also been eating out fair a bit in local restaurants and pubs for local people; some of which do need an appraisal on here and some do need a bit of a shoe-ing too (yes, that means you Greene King). I have also been eating a lot at the Clerkenwell Kitchen, my new (old) fave place for lunch near the office.

I have also been going to food and drink fairs such as the BBC Good Food ShowFlavours of Herefordshire and the mighty Rochford Beer Festival, where George's Merry Gentlemen was the pick of the bunch. Going back to food shows though, it never ceases to amaze me the whole culture of scavenging at these things. Of course, if you've paid for a ticket to get in then you should do your very utmost to sample everything that is on offer. But I swear some people make it their mission to sample EVERYTHING THAT IS ON OFFER and then some. I spotted one bloke in the toilets at Olympia change outfits with wigs and everything before running back outside for another tidbit relay race. And he didn't wash his hands.

I have also been filming on a top secret project that sadly isn't a cooking show proper but if it were a cooking show proper it would be the best cooking show proper you've ever seen. More details to come but let me just say this, Eddy Sunday is heading your way soon.

I did also get up to some home videoing for a burgeoning You Tube channel of mine. You might recall the idea but I must admit I have been suffering from the high end anxiety of looking like a twat after filming said shorts. You know what it's like, you do something on tape (or memory card) and then you play it back and then you think 'OMG what a twat!' and then the whole idea gets shelved for a couple of months. It is a good idea still, I just need to get over these feelings of embarrassment and inadequacy.

Other than that, I have been working hard with the day job, the pesky day job that gets in the way of aspiration and delusions of grandeur. At the back of my mind (and here comes the standard, whining self-reflecting part of the blog) I do feel like I should get back on the hobby horse and do some more adventure cooking and recipe stuff. Alas, there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day at the moment (tiny violin). Mind you, I did make some very nice Christmas Pudding ice cream last night with Galton Blackiston.

However that should all end soon and FU should be up and running again in no time at all. At present I am finishing off a post that will put the Land of Cheese to shame.

So 'sexybum', whoever you are, I am still here and I hope that answers your question.

As for the rest of you out there, who might not even give a monkeys, I only just popped out to the shops for some milk and I am coming back soon.

Obligatory food photo - Cup of tea with microwave porridge and a splodge of Blaisdon Red Plum Jam (from The Artisan Kitchen)


Alicia Foodycat said…
Sounds very busy! Good to know you aren't actually dead in a ditch.
Unknown said…
I've been spying on you recently via your blog. Scrolling through I that your pics aren't edited magazine like objects, which I find so refreshing. Your love oozes through your writing, I'm really enjoying reading around your site. X
Food Urchin said…
Foodycat - No I am not dead, I may have been living in a ditch though.

Denna - Thanks for comments, much appreciated!

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