Happy New Year

So, as per usual, much eating and drinking was done over the festive period. Too much maybe? Most definitely but it is a holiday dedicated to feasting after all. One of the highlights was the rib of beef we had on New Years Day, over at our friends' place in Hereford. It was amazing. So much depth of flavour and with a glorious amount of wibbling fat coursing through, that kept the meat so succulent, I very nearly cried whilst continuously eating slices and slices. It was that good. 

However, it also cemented my belief, that in 2017, I should focus on eating perhaps a little less meat this year. For environmental reasons, health reasons and this reason. I mean c'mon, just look at him. 


My 2016 Best Nine (basically your top 9 instagram pics of the year, and 9, because 9 is square) was the main eye opener though. They were all incredibly carnivorous in nature. Apart from the fish finger sandwich, which curiously, was the number one favourite in terms of 'likes'. People can't get enough of fish finger sandwiches, so it seems, and I have to admit, I am rather looking forward to judging at the Fish Finger Sandwich Awards in February. With this man.

Coming back to the meat consumption though, I think I definitely need to start adopting some sort of flexitarian approach. Which simply sounds like eating in moderation to me and a much sounder approach. Less but better. Saving the weekend for the big treat, that sort of thing. I've been thinking and talking about it for years. I am getting on a bit. I can't delay any longer.

This is not a resolution by the way. Perish the thought. Resolutions are a complete load of horlicks. God. NO. 

Nor will the display of animal based dishes disappear from my feed. Just that in the spaces in between, you will find me eating a lot more fruit, vegetables, pulses and seeds. Farting as quietly as I can.

On that note, I would like to wish you Happy New Year. I hope that 2017 is much bigger and brighter for all of us. With more chickpeas, courgettes and *gulp* quinoa on the horizon.


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