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Biographies on blogs, in my opinion, are fiendishly difficult to write and to get right. If you overstep the mark and indulge in platitudes, self-reverence and past glories; well, anyone who reads it could possibly end up thinking that you are a complete tw........twit. And rightly so. But a glib, short statement of "er I write this blog cos I like food" doesn't really cut the mustard either. So balance is important.

The one that I bandy about in general is this one:

'I would describe myself is a food adventurer, an enthusiastic allotmenteer,  a supper club host and the writer of the entertaining and quirky epicurean blog, Food Urchin. When I am not busy digging holes to pit-roast lamb or hanging marrows in tights to make rum or foraging for snails in my garden to throw into paella, I am often left in charge of a pair of cheeky twins; with sometimes disastrous results in the kitchen. I am also listed on MSN as one of the ‘top twenty foodies to follow on Twitter and regularly contribute to Great British Chefs blog’.

Now, I've been dining out on this pit-roast lamb business for years now and the Twitter boast could do with freshening up too but it does give a neat summary of what I am about and what I am trying to achieve with this blog. To provide a space on the internets to share random ideas, thoughts and mutterings about food. Not forgetting recipes and reviews too. There is a plan, out there, somewhere, with regards to all of this. I have yet to find it but I think I am getting close. In the meantime, if you simply come away with a smile on your face after reading Food Urchin, then personally, that's the most important part for now.

Of course, I might just have unravelled everything with that parting and sickeningly trite sentence but hey man - *sniffs and thumps table* - I mean it.

I've probably buggered everything up by using this photo anyway...........

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